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A Low Cost Gift Idea

Ex-number-two was a lot of things. Some of them pretty cool. She was an artist at heart with a unique eye. She was also a creative and imaginative cook who could work absolute magic with food. And as much as I’d love to lay claim to this really cool gift idea, the gentleman in me must give credit where credit is due. So owing to ex-number-two, the following is offered to you as a low cost, and high-style gift that is sure to please the ladies in your life.

Gift baskets are always a cool thing. But beware, it’s really easy to produce a gift basket that is not only a mess, but filled with absolutely useless junk that’s more likely to end up in the junk drawer than put to actual use or consumption. In short, it’s really easy to make a crappy gift basket. But it’s equally easy to produce a nice one too. Here’s what I’m doing..

I took a trip down to the local World Market. Why World Market? Well there’s just something about them. Filled with eclectic, unusual stuff of all sorts. Including food-stuffs.  Which is the area of my focus for my cool gift baskets.

Instead of getting a basket, which we all have way too many of, I went for a more useful stainless steel colander. It has its own base and handles and will do quite nicely for my “basket.” Next I found an assortment of cool pasta and pasta sauce. Including some really yummy Pesto alla Genovese sauce that is to just die for. Round that out with a nice bottle of red and some sort of bread product. Like Cheese Sticks.

Line the colander with different colored tissue (think of it as a garnish), and arrange your food-stuffs such that it’s pleasing to the eye. Viola! One very cool and inexpensive gift basket.

Now you don’t have to use the same stuff I used. You can go for a different theme. I chose pasta to be presented in a colander because, well, they go together. I bet if you put your creative mind to it, consider the foods those special ladies like, you’ll come up with something equally as cool AND inexpensive to boot. I promise, when that basket is sitting under the tree, it’s going to attract the inquisitive glances from everyone there. Well, mostly the ladies, but you know…

Merry Christmas and good tidings to you all.

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