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While cooking at camp…

Abandoning the manic day-to-day lifestyle of LA in favor of a few technology-free days in the hills with a bunch of really cool people is one of the simple joys of life. Getting a nice sun burn, being eaten alive by about eight million mosquitos, forgetting your tooth paste, and no showering is a small price to pay for restored balance. Seriously.

Not surprisingly, we each took turns at our make-shift camp-kitchen to prepare the meals for everyone. I was teamed up with my best friend and together we made breakfast burritos. Note here, this is not a “share my latest recipe” post. It did however bring about a bit of an interesting discussion…

While cooking up about a thousand scrambled eggs, I asked one of the ladies to “Take my picture while I’m doing this… it’ll be great for the blog.” This of course started a conversation about Bad Boys Cooking (rule number 1).

In any event the conversation was of course, about the idea of using cooking to well… garner the romantic attention of the ladies. She of course was appalled. I think I may have been called a pig when I declared “there’s only one reason men date…”

That’s ok… if this particular lady was a target of mine, I likely would not have mentioned it. But there are other rules here. One being, your best friend’s sister is always off-limits. No matter how good lookin.

Without getting into the details of what turned out to be a rather controversial conversation, suffice it to say, she was not at all happy. Or so she stated. What I find rather funny, is she simply would not leave it alone. She kept on and on about it. Which leads me to believe only one thing. No matter how much she spoke against it, it stayed in her mind and kept her sufficiently intrigued (even if she doesn’t admit it), such that she sent me the following message after returning home from our weekend;

“So I have to say thank u for the advise (sic). I only had to give a hand job and my man cleaned the inside AND outside of my car wearing leopard skin underwear! U Rock! Lmao”

(true story)

So there you have it… seems cooking and inspiring conversation about the benefits of doing so, even works on those who say it’s a terrible thing. Her man totally owes me. I guess you can say I really am a gastro-wing-man. Though it was ME cooking that got some for “her man.”


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Review: Sushi Studio of Long Beach

Published on June 9, 2013 in Reviews

Hole-in-the-wall dining

It’s been said the hole-in-the-wall restaurants create the best food. Hell, I’ve even said it myself. Though a romantic notion, this is not always true. Sometimes a hole-in-the-wall is just, well, a hole-in-the-wall. Nothing special. But in spite of the nothing-specialness, and for reasons I simply cannot understand, some thrive and quickly become the place to be. Such is the case for Sushi Studio in Long Beach.

It’s a little, nondescript place, poised right next to a rent-by-the-hour motel on the PCH where the low-grade “working girls” peddle their wares. Okay so I can’t really say the motel rents by the hour… but it certainly looks like such a place. The security guard roaming the disorganized parking lot looked shady and left me grateful for having found the one parking spot right by the front door.

Normally, I’d opt not to go into a place like this but, well, when a good lookin lady is involved, particularly one who just raves about the place, you forgo your better judgment and defer to her excited praise.

Inside it was dark. Not the romantic ambiance kind of dark… this was more of the inadequate lighting bent. Rock music blared painfully through shitty speakers. It was more like a frantic fish-market than a restaurant. And that small counter surrounding the cooking station barely passed as an actual sushi-bar What? The place was crowded, loud, and I swear the soles of my shoes stuck to the floor with every step.

“So what do you like here?” I asked while flipping through their menu.
“I absolutely love the Sunrise on Second Street,” says she.

We ordered that along with an assortment of sushi, rice, Miso soup, etc. The good news is it didn’t take very long for our food to come. The bad news is the food was at best, mediocre. I suppose I shouldn’t complain since it didn’t make me ill. Yet with it being only so-so, it’s really difficult to get excited about the place.

When I go to a sushi restaurant, I expect it to be quiet and lend itself to soft-spoken conversation. I expect the music to be soft and melodic. Not the non sequitur blaring of too loud rock-n-roll. The food should be pleasing to the eye as well as the belly. And the place should be clean! Ugh…

If you love sushi and more importantly the sushi-dining-experience, don’t bother with this place.


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Cooking Healthy

Published on June 1, 2013 in Commentary

A culture of cooking

Yes we are cooking bad boys. But interest in food isn’t limited to just the men of our clan. My daughter shares an interest  with equal exuberance and intent. Though her bent is focussed on health and nutrition. By “nutrition” I mean, the foods and how we prepare them, and how we use them to fuel these machines we call our bodies. On her website (The Every Woman) I saw this video;



And it got me thinking. Food. It’s a healer, it’s a social prop, it’s sexy as hell. But it can also be a killer. As a developed nation, we take greater care when deciding the chemicals we put into our cars, than that which we put into our bodies. That’s some deep shit right there.

Our supermarkets are filled with delightfully packaged products utilizing a wide palette of eye-catching colors and graphics. Those foods are crammed full of sugar and other chemicals. Preservatives and nasty little additives are a standard in most mass-produced food products. All these are designed to do one thing… keep you salivating for that crap. Remember, those in the food business make their money by selling you food. So it benefits them to motivate you to buy more and more.

Here’s a ten-dollar word for you; Homeostasis. In the context of ‘human beings as a species,’ homeostasis is a state of constant balance with respect to our innards. We need to maintain a constant equilibrium between food as a social prop, and food in the name of maintaining our health and wellbeing. Homeostasis. We need resources to educate ourselves. Those who provide healthy, fun, and sexy ways to cook. To drive that point home, listen to what Chef Jamie Oliver  says in this video presentation. It’s about twenty minutes long but I promise… it’s going to make you think.



The take-away message here is to start putting effort into developing a culture of cooking at home with a focus on what is healthy. Pretty simple. It can still be sexy. In fact, if you prepare good, healthy foods for you and your date, the physical results just might please you both. I’m just sayin.

Some resources for you:

To your health…

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