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Cooking Bad Boy Eric Hilding

We believe cooking has remarkable power in the context of naughty pursuits. We believe men who demonstrate this to be what we like to call, Cooking Bad Boys. And because this site is all about using food in the social and romantic context, we welcome your stories. If posted here, it will set you apart form the rest of your buddies and forever earn you mad props from us… Which really only gives you bragging rights but hey… think of how many others you will be helping by providing cool and exciting ideas.

Our first recipient of the coveted distinction of Cooking Bad Boy, is none other that my good friend, Eric Hilding of Bixby Knolls for his picnic date on the roof of his office building in Long Beach. Sadly, Eric wanted to remain anonymous so this isn’t his real name, or location, and the photo isn’t really of him or his date. Sorry.

In his words (edited for anonymity)…

It was a warm Friday night in Southern California. Because of our work schedules, my date met me at my place at around 7:00. After we enjoyed a cup of tea with just a touch of Brandy (and other consumables), I told her I had a surprise for the evening. That it wouldn’t be our usual night in, snacking on whatever we could find in my bare kitchen cabinets. When I used the word “Surprise” she was noticeably excited.

We went to dinner first, at one of my favorite sushi spots, Octopus in Downtown Long Beach. This just so happens to have been just a couple blocks from my office. After a dinner of too much sushi and even more Pomegranate Fusion Sake, we took a walk. And “conveniently” ended up right in front of my office building where I said, “You know… this is where I work. Wanna see?”

We went inside where I gave her the tour, showed her my office, and then lead her up the rear stairs to the rooftop. At the front edge of the roof, secluded in a fenced-in area, is a little private patio, where I had a cooler, bottle of wine, and a blanket waiting for us. When I spread the blanket, she smiled. When I pulled out the platter of assorted fruits, some of them I drizzled with chocolate, she smiled even wider. When I opened the wine she was already seated next to me and kicked off her shoes.

We spent the evening hand-feeding each other, playfully licking the sweet juices from each other’s lips. We finished the wine and watched the people below us, or laid on the blanket and watched the stars above. Without giving away too much detail, we also enjoyed each other, under the stars. It wasn’t until we heard a siren down below that we realized it was well after midnight. We packed up the blanket and cooler, took them down to my office, and went back to my place. I know I don’t need to tell you how the rest of the weekend went. And to think, all of that came from having a little roof-top picnic.

Thanks, Eric, for sharing your rooftop naughtiness with us. We’re impressed and humbly honor you as a Cooking Bad Boy

Bon Apetite´

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