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Cooking Healthy

A culture of cooking

Yes we are cooking bad boys. But interest in food isn’t limited to just the men of our clan. My daughter shares an interest  with equal exuberance and intent. Though her bent is focussed on health and nutrition. By “nutrition” I mean, the foods and how we prepare them, and how we use them to fuel these machines we call our bodies. On her website (The Every Woman) I saw this video;



And it got me thinking. Food. It’s a healer, it’s a social prop, it’s sexy as hell. But it can also be a killer. As a developed nation, we take greater care when deciding the chemicals we put into our cars, than that which we put into our bodies. That’s some deep shit right there.

Our supermarkets are filled with delightfully packaged products utilizing a wide palette of eye-catching colors and graphics. Those foods are crammed full of sugar and other chemicals. Preservatives and nasty little additives are a standard in most mass-produced food products. All these are designed to do one thing… keep you salivating for that crap. Remember, those in the food business make their money by selling you food. So it benefits them to motivate you to buy more and more.

Here’s a ten-dollar word for you; Homeostasis. In the context of ‘human beings as a species,’ homeostasis is a state of constant balance with respect to our innards. We need to maintain a constant equilibrium between food as a social prop, and food in the name of maintaining our health and wellbeing. Homeostasis. We need resources to educate ourselves. Those who provide healthy, fun, and sexy ways to cook. To drive that point home, listen to what Chef Jamie Oliver  says in this video presentation. It’s about twenty minutes long but I promise… it’s going to make you think.



The take-away message here is to start putting effort into developing a culture of cooking at home with a focus on what is healthy. Pretty simple. It can still be sexy. In fact, if you prepare good, healthy foods for you and your date, the physical results just might please you both. I’m just sayin.

Some resources for you:

To your health…

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