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Flowering Tea Pot

Ever have one of those mornings? You know, the sun is shining, the sky is a crisp blue, you’re on your patio because it just feels good, and you and the lady with whom you woke, are enjoying some tea. Maybe with a muffin or biscotti? Want to add just a little bit more to that? Perhaps to inspire yet more ooh’s and ah’s from her? You never know… it could lead to even more (ahem) fun…

My closest friend gave me a Flowering Tea Pot  for Christmas. And I have to say, I was somewhat awed by how it works.

The tea is contained in what looks like a typical bulb one would plant n the garden. Drop it in hot water and watch as that bulb slowly opens and reveals a flower while at the same time, releases the tea. The visual and the fragrance hit you at almost the same time and you’re drawn in. Like watching a time-lapse of a flower growing right before your eyes.

Honestly, this is a very cool idea that’s sure to lighten a sleepy heart and draw from her a child-like smile. It’s unique, it’s colorful, the fragrance rocks, it tastes great while warming the heart, and it’s fun. What more could you want? Seriously…

There are a variety of teas available, so even if you have a finicky tea taste, you’re sure to find what you’ll like. For me… I love the Green Tea with Jasmine.

Good Morning…

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