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Great Wine Pairings… Or Not

Published on June 22, 2012 by in Wine

This evening, after having enjoyed my dinner, I set about exercising one of my newly discovered interests. Wine! Well, more specifically this post is about wine pairings. You know… the things that go with wine.

I’ve learned from some of the women in my life; romantic interests, my daughter (she’s old enough), my mom, my best friend, most women think it’s pretty damn sexy when a guy knows a thing or two about wine. So, if you‘re a guy and want to impress the ladies — and trust me when I say this to you guys — stop reading now. None of this will help you. Really, I’m serious. Try this stuff with your date and you are certain not to get any.

I’ve developed quite a fondness for red wine. I love a good Merlot, Pinot, and I’m quite taken by the deeper reds like a nice Cabernet, or Malbec. Ah… There is nothing quite so grand as sipping on a nice smooth Malbec, surrounded by soft candlelight and some nice jazz. A particular favorite of mine is Fabre Montmayour Grand Reserva from Argentina (About $20.00 a bottle at Wine Country in Long Beach). Being on a quest for understanding what does and what does not go well with such a wonderful full-bodied wine, I decided to experiment a little.

I should note here, I am not qualified to discuss any of this.

First up; PB&J. Don’t try it… You won’t like it… I promise… But in all fairness it could be so because when I make my version of the classic PB&J, it includes gobs of butter. I’m just sayin.

Okay next; Hotdogs. Nope, strike two. But again, in all fairness I need to include my preparation style for the almighty dog. Here’s what you do; Grab a couple. I like turkey dogs myself but you can grab any that you like. Slice those puppies lengthwise about half way through and zap em in the ole microwave for about a minute (the microwave by the way, is one of the greatest inventions ever). Be sure to pull them out BEFORE they explode (trust me on that one). Smear them in spicy mustard, wrap them with mild cheddar inside a flower tortilla, and zap them again to melt the cheese. Yum! But not good with the Malbec. Oh man… REALLY NOT GOOD!

One more try; Apple-cinnamon Nutragrain bars. Now let it be known I have met many who don’t like Nutragrain bars. Though I don’t know why. They’re fruity little treasures and very nutritious. I mean it’s right there in the name. NUTRA-grain. Right? And there is no preparation either. You simply rip the packaging and viola, munchies. That taste like absolute crap with the wine. But if you’re anything like me, by the time you get to this third test, you will have consumed so much wine that you really won’t care.

I am now sitting here trying desperately to wash the peanut butter, butter, jelly, hotdog with spicy mustard and cheese, and apple-cinnamon off my tongue so I can go back to enjoying my wine with a good after-dinner smoke. Now that’s a pairing!

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  1. Paul

    This is what ive learned about wine in my 34 years on this planet: Syrah is like, the go to guy. Its good with Lamb,Sausages,Grilled meats of all kinds, Roast pork,Barbecue, Stews, Game―venison, Black olives,Dishes with lots of black pepper and pungent herbs. Goes the same with Petite Syrah’s.

    I tend to avoid Merlot…Maybe ive become a wine snob without ever knowing a thing about wine. I think Stella Rose is great wine…so go fig. But ultimately it comes down to one thing and one thing only: Drink what you like.

    cheer Karl…