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Kitchen Mishaps

The Art of Screwing Up

We talk a lot about cooking in an animated and engaging way. It’s all about putting on the cool show for that special lady. Right? Well, no matter your culinary skill, it’s a certainty you will make a mistake every now and then. When you do, use it to your advantage.

Knife SkillsPicture this…

I was at a cooking party not very long ago. My task was to make the appetizer. For that I chose my world-famous shrimp and spinach dish. This is a tasty and quick little treat certain to delight the tongue. Of course this involved some prep-work. And that involved chopping.

Now you have to imagine the kitchen alive with men and women drinking, laughing, having a good time and such. It was just a tad crowded. And there I was with a cutting board and a good sized knife. I’ll admit that I let myself get distracted by all the lovely ladies and wasn’t paying attention and well… I cut myself.

It wasn’t a bad cut, mind you. Nevertheless it was enough to capture the attention of one of those ladies and she was quick to come to my aid. She cheerfully lead me to the sink where she gently cleaned the would, proclaimed it superficial, and proceeded to tease me about the little “oops.” She then grabbed the knife and started demonstrating the proper way to use it. And I was all too eager to let her “teach” me. This turned out to be a great ice-breaker that lead to some pretty awesome activities later that evening.

On reflection it became obvious to me, that one mistake on my part is exactly the thing that got her attention. Since then I have intentionally made little silly mistakes only to have a sexy lady rescue me. So it’s worth it to master the screw-up. Seriously.

Now here’s an important note. If you’re inept and actually do screw-up a lot, remember that this little technique isn’t going to work all the time. If you’re a dork, the screw-up will only reinforce that. So be careful how you do this, with whom, and under what conditions. Just sayin…

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