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Meet AJ

When I was 16 I finished high school in England. That’s when it hit me – Shit, I’m outta school and need to find a job! So I visited a local employment center and searched through their job openings. I literally clicked on the first posting they had. The job ad was for a starter chef in a little pub in Tamworth. Not being trained for anything that would drop a job in my lap, I figured “what the hell, I’ll give it a go.” I really had no choice. The good news is that job taught me three very important things; (1) I can cook (well, so far), (2) I can multi-task, and (3) the money I earned was enough to keep me in skateboards, parties, and most importantly… girls! I instantly fell in love with cooking.

Important distinction here; I fell in love with COOKING… not with food. I still maintained my strict diet of greasy battered sausage and chips, fast food, and of course… beer!

From 18 to 20, I worked for a beautiful little Italian restaurant in the Midlands and that’s where it really started. I had an amazing head-chef who served as my mentor, taught me about the culinary arts, and turned me on to it so much, I went back to school. By the time I was 21 I earned my GNVQ in Catering and Culinary Arts, and developed a rather cocky attitude about my skills.

Cooking joined beautiful women as my top-two-ever favorite things. And I learned women just love a dude who can cook it up. I can’t tell you the number of free dates I’ve had. Mostly by bringing a lovely young lady to my restaurant, letting her watch me cook, and serve her a meal that was just as much a feast for her eyes, as it was for her belly. Other times I’d bring home a few ingredients from the market (or from the restaurant) and create a romantic meal for me and my date. My secret plan was to enjoy the current football match while availing myself of my lady’s devilish appreciation…. and it worked. Women loved my food and well… you know the rest. I’m not the next top chef, but it’s really very easy to learn the basics and make it look like you own the kitchen. When you can execute with skill, in your own cool style, your audience will just eat it up (pun intended).

One afternoon, after drinking a bit too much, I told my dad about my experiences in using my cooking skill to get fine young women from the kitchen to the bedroom. He was at the same time learning how to feed himself, post-divorce, and discovered this shit really works. The result of that conversation was Bad Boys Cooking. We are here to help you improve your game and impress not just your dates but also your mates, in a variety of fun and easy ways. Okay, well, if you’re a complete dork there really isn’t much we can do for you. But you know what I mean….

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Bon appétit