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Meet Karl

Not long after my ex and I split, I came to a nasty, pain-in-the-ass realization that I couldn’t bloody cook. Seriously, I was the guy who could burn water. Remember those Carls Jr commercials that asserted, “Because some guys can’t cook?” Well I swear they were thinking of me when they came up with that ad-campaign.

With becoming a single man, at the tender age of 50, I faced a dilemma. Was I doomed to an artery-clogging life of fast-food, doughnuts, and diet soda? Or was I going to figure out how to feed myself without killing myself?

I should add here that if left alone… I have the dietary preferences of a child. A spoiled child.

So off I went on a personal quest to learn how to cook. I started reading. Attended a few classes like how to identify one cheese over another (which for the life of me, I cannot remember), dated ladies who taught me a thing or two. I even engaged my son – the chef – in helping me with the basics. Note however, my intent was never to become a culinary master. Iron Chef is most unlikely to invite me to compete against those guys. And that’s ok. All I wanted to do was learn how to feed myself.

This is where I came upon my second revelation. Men who can cook have an amazing social power their non-cooking counterparts don’t. This is evidenced by my male buddies giving me shit about how I’d make a wonderful wife some day, but happily consuming my food while doing so.

And then there are the romantic benefits. Yup, I discovered today’s “empowered” woman is all to happy to have a man serve her a well prepared meal complete with all the romantic affects like candles, soft music, just the right wine… that sort of thing, and to express their appreciation in a variety of delightfully naughty ways. Well that was all the motivation I needed. Which brings us to Bad Boys Cooking. Together with my son we created an outlet intended to help other men improve their social, and more importantly, their romantic game.

From here on, you can think of us as your gastronomic wing-men.

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Bon appétit…