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Review: Art Du Vin Wine Bar

When it’s wine o’clock…

I didn’t plan on my visit to Art Du Vin to be a review. All I was doing was meeting up with an old friend to enjoy some wine and catch up for a bit. But I would be neglect if I didn’t share this place with you. Seriously…

Nestled perfectly on 4th street in the Art District of Long Beach, and right next door to the famous Art Theater, Art Du Vin offers a variety of wines to satisfy whatever your wine desire happens to be. Now I am not a wine connoisseur but I know what I like. Though I ordered like this, “I love a nice heavy red. But I don’t like it too peppery. And I don’t like it very fruity either. What do you recommend?”

The cute blonde behind the bar was patient, didn’t make me feel silly for ordering like that, and poured a taste of Folkway Revelator. “It’s a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Frank, and Cabernet Sauvignon,” said she. And when I tasted it, all I could say was “Boom!”

It’s a small place entertaining a bunch of locals (regulars) who will make you feel welcome and like you’ve been a part of the crowd all along. Trust me when I say, if you plan on keeping to yourself, sitting alone, and vanishing in the crowd, you won’t be able to. Hell… even their website says they are the “Cheers” of wine bars. That should tell you what to expect.

Go there, take a date, enjoy the wine, munchies, the passersby, and the ambiance that is uniquely Long Beach. You won’t go wrong. I promise.


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