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Review: Five Guys Burgers

“Bro… you have to try this burger joint… It’s so bomb, Bro! The burgers have two patties not just one, dude.”

What perfect timing. The Misses and I just finished moving into our new place and after a few days of heavy lifting, we were just too damn tired to cook. So with the ever-so-eloquent praise (above) given by one of my close friends, how could we resist using this as an opportunity to check out Five Guys Burgers? It’s “bomb” after all, and that was pretty much all we needed to know.

Okay I’ll admit we became the customers most chefs despise. The right-before-closing-time customer. Yep, we walked in exactly five minutes before they locked up for the night. Sorry guys. I’m a chef. While I’m busy cleaning up and shutting down my kitchen, it just sucks to have to fire it all up again, right while I’m thinking about getting home to my sexy wife. I get it.

But let’s get on with this… Five Guys Burgers is a cool little joint with a shit-load of locations and really well known for their burgers and fries. In fact, there are over 250,000 possible ways you can order a burger at Five Guys. It says so right there on their website. Woof!

So we walk in, with five minutes to spare, and we see only two guys, one cook and the other a cashier. After explaining this was our first visit, the cashier gave us a really cool (and humorous) explanation of what Five Guys is all about. Which if you think about it, was pretty cool considering they were ready to close up.

Some salient points:

  • Five guys started in Arlington, Va in 1986 and consisted of four brothers and their uncle.
  • From 1986 to 2001, Five Guys opened more locations in the Washington DC area and this was the start of a rather cult-like following that continues today.
  • Today, Five Guys has more than 1000 locations and are in 47 states and even up into Canada.
  • The fries are hand-cut on-site (there are potato bags all over the place).
  • They only cook their French fries in pure peanut oil so there are always gobs and gobs of peanuts (free) to munch on while your wait.
  • All their burgers are hand-molded and grilled to order.
  • You will not find freezers at Five Guys, everything is made fresh.

Impressive burgers. Like GQ Says, these are the best $5.00 burgers you can find. The “normal” burger comes with 2, 6-ounce patties and starts out plain (The Petite burger is a single 8-ounce patty). There are mondo toppings you can add. Lettuce, Jalapeños, bacon, sautéed mushrooms or onion, cheese, etc etc etc. And they won’t break the bank either. The best $5.00 burger you can find. How awesome is that?

The fries. These are something to behold! They’re cut in-house from fresh spuds and made only when you order. The small order by the way, was enough to feed the wife, both the kids, and me. Oh and they were ah-may-zing.

While we waited for our orders, snacking on peanuts, and talking with the cashier, it became clear why these guys have an almost elite cult-like following. Pound for pound… dollar for dollar… this is likely the best damn burger I’ve had in a very long time.


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  1. This is the best onion burgers I have ever had. There are no skmpiy meat patties on these burgers and each one is cooked to perfection. If you havent tried Don’s Burgers you are missing out on a real treat. Also, each and every employee I have dealt with there have been very friendly and helpful. They make certain you are happy with what you order and have the best wait staff of any restraunt that I know of! Keep up the good work ! Thanks, Robert Moore