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Review: The Rock Inn

Being a motorcycle enthusiast, I’m often found on my bike, carving up the mountainsides in and around Southern California. Lake Hughes, north of Los Angeles, is a welcoming, biker friendly town offering many great roads on which to drag the floorboards. And nestled right in the heart of Lake Hughes on Lake Elizabeth Road, since 1929, is the world famous Rock Inn

In its history, the Rock Inn has served as an inn, a store, a post office, and a gas station (it still has gas pumps as evidence of its history). Today it’s a great dining destination for motorcyclists from all over. It’s a typical-biker dive with full bar, hard wood floors, outdoor seating, and restrooms away from the main building. The patrons are leather wearin, hog riding (and even the sport-bike crowd) folks who after a day of hitting the twisties, are looking to sit, eat, and brag about how hard they rode.

The staff can handle even the most ornery of patron, will keep your drinks full and your table clean, all with wicked smiles. But The Rock Inn doesn’t offer grand fare or gourmet meals. Rather it offers steak sandwiches and burgers. Good hearty burgers. Which, if you’re an avowed carnivore, you will love. They are tasty, made to order, are huge, and the juices drip down your arm enough to make Carl’s Jr. envious. Be prepared for the food coma. If you’re planning on more riding after you eat at the Rock Inn, you had better make sure to take it easy.

Bon Apetite´


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