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Review: Waterloo & City Restaurant

One man (me), two ladies (two yummy ladies), the Waterloo & City Restaurant in Culver City, and a trip to the naughty store. A dinner date, Bad Boys style…

Something we’re hugely focussed upon, is the power of good food. It inspires. It disarms. It brings likeminded people to a harmonious and kindred connection equaled by no other. And if executed well… inspires more than just a little flirtatious and risqué behavior.

Such was our experience at The Waterloo. It’s is a traditional British gastropub combining the warm inviting environment of a traditional English pub, with incredible and mouthwatering gastronomic delights.

The environment was warm and inviting, open on one side with a view of a patio illuminated with little twinkly white lights. The staff was sharp, very knowledgeable of their own menu and as the specials were deftly described, left me and the ladies almost breathless. Culinary foreplay at its finest.

The food was “Oh my God incredible!”

Indian Butter Chicken Pizza was likely the best pizza I’ve ever had with a wonderful blend of murgh makahni sauce, and mozzarella. “This pizza is absolutely insane!” says I. Honestly. I even pulled the waiter aside just to tell him so.

The Yukon Potato Gnocchi, prepared ever so skillfully with oxtail ragu, cremini mushrooms, and spinach, melts in your mouth in what can only be described as an erotic oral delight.

But the Short Rib Ravioli, with cipollini onion, spinach, and a wonderfully decadent truffle sauce, was likely the most intense explosion of flavor I’ve experienced. A total and mind-blowing food-gasm of the highest order.

As if that weren’t enough, as if all those wonderful dishes dancing on our tongues wasn’t the end-all, enter the multiple-food-gasm with the grand finale of fresh served warm, doughnuts with orange curd, bourbon glaze, and served with vanilla ice cream. Woof!

The meal sitting comfortably in our guts, the drink glasses long empty, we exited this fine gastro-pub (and yes, I’ll be back), paid the valet and off we went… To A Touch of Romance, also in Culver City. For those of you who don’t know, this is what can be nicely called an adult-oriented-naughty store. Why? Well in the food-gasmic after-glow, it just seemed like the right place to go. That and we did a little shopping.

Now before you ask what this place has to do with food and in particular, using food as foreplay, I have just one word for you…. Gummie-Undies….


As for the way our evening ended… I’ll leave that for all you perverts to wonder about…

Eat well…

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