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Taking on the No-Carb Diet

Okay, here’s something for you. You’ve decided to try the no carb diet made popular by Doctor Robert Atkins in his book, The Atkins Diet. You’ve read through all the controversy and arguments both for and against such a diet and in spite of the advice from learned professionals, you’ve decided to go ahead with it anyway.

Because you’re bad…

Initially you approach this with gusto. It is after all a no carb diet. Which in our testosterone infused little brains, means we get to eat meat. Lots and lots of meat. At first this is fun; dining on steak in the morning, eating a whole chicken for lunch, and for dinner, bacon, on ham, on chicken, on beaf. Woof! But wait… at some point you realize your meals are pretty boring without such beloved fare as warm bread, a big plateful of rice, or pasta. Don’t forget the potato chips and other delectable little treats. Pretty soon you’re bored to tears and wondering why you ever decided to take on such a diet.

So how do you get through this ridiculous diet without sending your taste buds into a catatonic state? How do you fill the void left by the now absent potato chip? What do you do about tasty bread or a big-assed baked potato? Well here are a couple ideas for you.

Note here, we are not advocating the Atkins diet. Rather, we are simply saying if you’re going to take on such a diet, we’ll at least give you some ideas so the flavor department is handled.


This was actually an accident. Take a slice or two (or three) of your favorite cheese. Try it with Swiss because it has a fairly flat taste. One that you can build on later if you wish. Oh and sorry… I ate them all before I remembered to take photos.

In a fry pan heat up some olive oil with just a touch of your favorite steak seasoning. Get the nice and hot. Now drop a slice of cheese right in. Very quickly the cheese will burn. Once it does you will now have an excellent replacement for your missing chips. Just use a spatula to remove it from the pan and set it on a piece of paper towel to get the excess oil off. Bam! This is an excellent side for a hunk of chicken, or a steak.



I know… I know… these are really little trees. How can they help? Here’s what to do:

Take a few spears and wrap them individually with either bacon or proscuitto. Drizzle with olive oil and season with a very small touch of salt and pepper. Throw those into the oven on a cookie sheet at about 350 for about 10 minutes (till the asparagus starts to get soft).  You can serve this next to a seared salmon. Yummy!



Turnips are the new potato:

Did you know you can bake a turnip just like you do a spud? Did you know that turnips are on the “it’s okay to have it” list for the Atkins diet? Okay so you’re going to taste the difference between the baked turnip and the baked potato but it makes a great substitute.





Not the typical Malibu Chicken:

This one is really fun. Take a boneless, skinless chicken breast. Dust it very lightly with a pinch of salt, add pepper, and a little Rosemary (or if you prefer you can use Thyme). Get that frying in a pan with olive oil and a little bit of garlic. Now when that’s done, cover it with a slice of ham and flip it a couple times. Lastly, add a slice of cheese to the top of that. Goes great with the cheese chips. Nom nom…



Want some other recipe ideas? Check this out http://www.atkins.com/Recipes.aspx

Good luck on your pursuit of the body-beautiful.

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